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Nav to Eng Units Convert the Navigation Message to Clock- Ephemeris-
and Iono parameters
23Mar98 09:00
Sat Pos Calculate a satellite position from the ephemeris parameters 22Apr98 17:00
Correct Range Correct pseudoranges for SV clock error, iono- and tropo delay 29Oct97 12:00
Calculate Position Calculate the receiver position from corrected pseudoranges
and satellite positions
29Oct97 12:00
Stand Alone
Where it comes all together -The Stand Alone Position Calculation 05Feb01 20:00

Single Difference

Post processed position calculation based on single differences
of pseudoranges
03Nov97 12:00


Smooth pseudorange with integrated carrier phase 06Nov97 12:00

Real Time SDPos

Real time single difference positioning 06Apr98 15:00


David Johnston converted the Turbo Pascal code into C ! 06Oct98 14:30


Norris Weimer converted the Stand Alone Pos Calc into Java ! 08Jan99 15:00


 More DGPS s/w pages are under construction  

Carrier Phase

Some remarkon carrier phase processing, not complete 23Mar05 20:00


A listing of my errors, corrected by you ! 28May01 20:00


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