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OEM Comparison table of low-cost board type GPS (OEM) receivers 04Jul02 20:00

Garmin 25LP

The Garmin 25LP tested - see the results 17Nov98 22:00


The Rockwell Jupiter tested - see the results 18Jan99 21:00


The u-blox GPS-PS1 tested - see the results 25Aug99 14:00


The u-blox TIM (SiRF II) tested - see the results (under construction) 17Jul02 20:00


u-blox TIM-LP (ANTARIS) tested - see results 06Sep04 13:00


How good is averaging of single differences ? 03Sep99 13:00

DIY Antenna

A simple DIY GPS antenna by Mark Kesauer 04Nov02 22:00
Antenna's Comparison table of low-cost GPS antenna's 14Sep00 20:00

Antenna tests  

Some low-cost antennas tested - see the results 15May98 14:30
Mighty Mouse 2 Mighty Mouse 2 compared with Mighty Mouse 25May00 20:00

Micro Mouse

Micro Mouse compared with Mighty Mouse 10Jan01 20:00

Wide Area RR

Tri-M's Wide Area Re-Radiating system 25Jun01 21:00

Cable loss

RF cable loss of some popular cables at the GPS L1 frequency 06Aug98 10:00
Noise Determination of receiver noise  
Multipath Determination of receiver & antenna multipath  
Theory Some theory on raw data, single differences and double differences  14Mar00 10:00
Splitter This is how I made my antenna splitter 26Aug97 22:30
Sam's s/w pages All steps from raw data to position calculation explained  

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